Standard septic systems have settled solids that are anaerobically digested, reducing the volume of solids. Over time, waste that doesn't break down accumulates and must be removed, otherwise it can build up affect the flow of broken down material out of the tank. Septic tanks have colonies of bacteria that break down the biodegradable material found in wastewater, which is their "food".

Using my septic pump truck, I thoroughly clean the sludge from your septic tank. How often you need to get your tank pumped depends on the tank size, frequency, of use, and amount of people using it. Click below to calculate an estimate of how often your tank needs to be pumped down below along with an estimated price.

Calculate Cleaning Frequency

Single Tank


One Tank up to 500 Gallons

Standard Aerobic Tanks


One Tank up to 500 Gallons

Two Tanks


Two Tanks up to 1000 Gallons



Extra, per tank, where digging is required